Autossey Automotive

Exceptional Service. Factory Parts. Lower Prices.


We use certified factory parts just like the dealers do. They perform better, last longer, and protect your car better than cheap aftermarket products.

You get direct access to dealer-certified Master Mechanics for questions and advice. At Autossey, you can talk about your vehicle with the mechanics themselves, not just with customer service representatives.

Because Autossey doesn't have the high overhead, you get all this while saving up to 30% on most repairs.


MISSION: Autossey Automotive exists to have a positive Christian impact on our culture through our expertise in the automotive service industry. 

 We use our time and financial gifts to support:

· The churches we attend

· Orphanages overseas (through 127 Worldwide Inc.)

· Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministries

· Compassion International

· Ongoing Haiti relief efforts

· Local community outreach programs (i.e. - Goshen Valley Boys Home and similar efforts)

· Our local Rotary Foundation club


OFFERING: Dealer trained technicians, factory equipment parts, lower prices.

Exceptional Service: Every technician at Autossey Automotive has dealer training and experience. We work very hard to accurately follow factory repair procedures to ensure the repair is done right the first time. Be assured that our selection of parts and our adherence to factory repair procedures will result in a quality repair you can rely on.

Factory Parts: We intentionally select original equipment parts for the best, most predictable repair results. Using this type of part also allows us to maintain a “no sacrifice in quality” advantage over other facilities that use low quality aftermarket parts.

Lower Price: Our lower overhead and unique direct parts sourcing helps keep our pricing affordable. This price point mixed with our company philosophy and excellent service means an exceptional, better than dealer quality outcome for our customers.


PHILOSOPHY: Our promise is to always do what is in the best interest of our customers. We are seeking to serve our customers as Jesus Christ has served us.

 What does trust cost?   We have made it a priority to always do what is in the best interest of our customers.  A commitment to be a trusted advocate in the automotive repair field.  This process begins with a thorough evaluation of not just what the vehicle needs right now, but also how long you intend to operate it.  We make our recommendations based on your intentions and what the vehicle requires to satisfy those intentions.  You can be assured that you will receive what you actually need, and that it will be done to the highest quality standard.